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4" Mint Platinum Luster Ribbon, Farrisilk Ribbon, 2 Tone Luster Ribbon

4" Mint Platinum Luster Ribbon, Farrisilk Ribbon, 2 Tone Luster Ribbon

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4" Mint Platinum Luster Ribbon, Farrisilk Ribbon, 2 Tone Luster Ribbon, Metallic Ribbon, Christmas Ribbon, Mint Green Ribbon, Light Green

10 yards

4 inches wide

wired ribbon

Farrisilk brand, best quality ribbon with strong wire!

Ribbon is constructed with thick, wired edge and is fused with a secondary fabric to provide shape and structure.

Introducing our exquisite 4" Mint Platinum Luster Ribbon by Farrisilk - the epitome of elegance and charm! This premium 2 Tone Luster Ribbon boasts a delicate metallic shimmer that adds a touch of magic to any occasion. Perfect for your Christmas crafts, holiday decorations, gift wrapping, and more!

Product Details:
- Length: 10 yards (30 feet) of sheer beauty!
- Width: 4 inches wide, providing ample material for various creative projects.
- Wired Edge: Our ribbon comes with a strong wire carefully embedded within the edges, ensuring easy manipulation and shaping for your designs.
- Farrisilk Brand: Known for its top-tier quality and durability, this ribbon is crafted by the renowned Farrisilk brand, assuring you of the finest product.

Unleash your creativity with this versatile Mint Green Ribbon, exuding a light green hue that adds a refreshing and vibrant touch to your creations. Whether you're designing stunning wreaths, adorning enchanting gift packages, or enhancing your seasonal home decor, this ribbon will elevate your crafts to new heights.

The ribbon's unique construction features a fusion of thick, wired edges and a secondary fabric, resulting in unmatched shape retention and structure. Say goodbye to floppy bows and hello to perfectly poised accents that stay in place.

Embrace the holiday spirit or celebrate any special event with the enchanting luster of our Mint Platinum Ribbon. Its subtle shine captures the light beautifully, giving your creations a luxurious finish that won't go unnoticed.

Invest in the best quality ribbon with strong wire, ensuring your designs withstand the test of time and stay picture-perfect throughout the seasons. Create unforgettable memories and spread joy with the elegance of our Mint Platinum Luster Ribbon.

Order now and let your imagination run wild with this stunning metallic ribbon. Unveil the true potential of your creations with the Farrisilk touch!



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