Every January as everyone is putting away their Christmas decorations, I travel to Dallas, Texas to attend the Home & Gift Market for the following season. Yes, we pre-order all items for Fall and Christmas in January each year. Eventhough most are exhausted of the season, I find it exciting to see which trends are continuing and which new trends will be upon us. 

I find that trends come in spurts of 3 years. The first year, it's very exciting, hard to find and everyone is racing to buy whatever that trend is and it's normally in short supply. The second year, it's super hot and buyers and sellers are both prepared with plenty of inventory. The third year, most people are still into the trend and there's plenty to buy but those that got on the trend early are looking for the next thing. 

So, what's the big trend this year? Pink. Not just any pink, bubblegum pink combined with red. Yes, we saw it 2 seasons ago and this Christmas 2023 marked it's first year in the 3 year trend; in my opinion. Bubblegum pink ribbon was in short supply and everyone wanted it. Christmas 2024 will be a big year for this color and you will see it every where. 

I have found you are either a pink lover or a pink hater. Or maybe you're just indifferent. But the pink lovers out there, are excited to mix this color into their upcoming Christmas season. Personally, I'm a pink lover. I actually did a pink and red tree this last year despite being the only female in my house. My family of 4 including my husband and two sons know that Christmas is my thing and I'm going to do what I'm going to do. Despite our tree being a pink wonderland, I never heard a complaint. 

Will I have a pink tree again next year? Not sure... My tree changes every year. I like to reuse items from year to year and mix in new colors. Sometimes it's just whatever I have on hand at the moment and sometimes I revert to traditional colors. I'll let you know what I decide. 

For now, enjoy these pictures of my own pink tree plus pictures from market showing the most popular trend for Christmas 2024. 



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